Meal and snack times are an important part of our daily routine across all our age groups. During the day, breakfast, lunch snacks and afternoon tea are provided. We have a qualified cook ‘who the children call Grandma’ in our nursery who uses fresh ingredients to provide extra tasty home-made and healthy food for the children & staff.

There are also exciting food-based activities, such as making sandwiches, pizzas as well as planting and growing vegetables. Children also help ‘Chef Grandma’ with choosing and taking ingredients from the fridge and freezer to the kitchen hatch.

Different kinds of food from all around the world are prepared as part of a regularly updated menu to encourage children to have a wide and interesting taste as they grow!

We offer vegetarian options at all meal times and cater for all special dietary needs such as milk/nut allergies, gluten free, vegan and Halal meals.

At snack time, children are asked if they would like to participate and if needed with adult support, they are encouraged to wash, cut and feed themselves.

At breakfast, lunch and tea time children take an active role in setting up, serving themselves and work together in clearing away their lunch area. They are also encouraged to pour their own water from jugs into drinking cups. Our staff team sit and eat at the dinner table with children and eat the same food as they do. We find this role modeling of healthful eating behaviors has shown to be positive.

Our parents also have the opportunity to sample the food we serve at our parenting events, where we’ve received excellent feedback and requests for recipes. We also use this time for parents to put forward their cultural dishes to be included in our menus. We all look forward to International Day when parents are invited to the nursery with their child/ren to share their homemade dishes and cultural traditions.

Our nursery has a five-star rating as approved by the Food Standards Agency. This is the highest rating that can be achieved.